ph: photography. Photography : drawing with light.
15: The number that identifies “Villa 15″ – called ” Hidden City ,” one of the many slums of Buenos Aires
ph15: a space where children and adolescents spontaneously look all around you and all you carry inside. Where express who they are and what they feel through images full of different lights.

Work Philosophy

Ph15 Foundation is a non-governmental non-profit organization formed by a group of people who believe in art as a valuable resource that allows humans to deploy its essence and develop their creative abilities , even in adverse or hostile reality . From this perspective , artistic expression is proposed as a practice that enables full externalization of being and generating transformative processes , both individual and collective .


ph15 intends to use the resources of the visual arts , especially photography- to foster new expressive capacities , communication and techniques in children and young people in vulnerable situations , through workshops and activities designed to promote social integration and socialization of the artistic experience.


A society that takes ownership of art as a tool for social change.


The values ​​that guide the actions of ph15 linked to solidarity , respect for differences, working together , honesty and transparency , communication and dialogue, responsibility, achievement and participation.


  • Providing expressive tools and techniques to children and youth in vulnerable situations using the resources offered by the visual arts.
  • Use tools to foster artistic reflection and change processes.
  • Improve access to educational and employment opportunities.
  • Promoting democratic values ​​and participatory.
  • Strengthen individual and group identity.
  • Fostering intercultural contact and the link on the young.
  • Install the debate at the level of society , on the possibilities of art as a tool for transformation.
  • Democratizing the experiences and artistic practices.