There are several ways to add your contribution to the initiatives of ph15.
Anything you can add will be of great help to everyone.


Chose as associate :

a) With a contribution of $20 per month, we organize an outing for 30 children can learn new areas and city centers.
b ) With a contribution of $40 per month, you will make four participants may have their own digital camera.
c ) With a contribution of $60 per month, a workshop will have your portable computer.
d ) Gives you can!
All contributions are essential to continue working with youth .

Secure donation form

Donations of materials
You can donate digital cameras, photo paper, accessories batteries, books, etc.. , All photographic material is welcome as it provides inputs necessary for us to continue working.

Do we need?
– Digital cameras , batteries and chargers.
– Memory cards
– Pen drives
– computers
– projector
– Transportable screen
– Negatives scanner
– Colormeter
– Digital and analog photographic paper
– Photo Printer
– Ink Print

Obras ph15
Acquiring work of students of the Foundation.
In which case , 50% of what was received is intended to finance the workshops, while the other 50 % goes directly to the author of the work.
See Student Works

Spreading our activities
The more you know our actions, the greater the impact!
Thank you!